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  1. twostep
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi there!

    i am searching for a client area plugin that does the following things:

    - user register or login
    - every user gets redirected to a private page (for every user) that only him and the admin can see
    - the user and the admin can upload files there
    - to every upload the user can discribe the upload
    - more than one uploads at the same time.
    - email notifications to the admin when something is uploaded
    - the uploader should have a prograss bar
    - a listing of all uploads from this user should be on the private page of the user
    - the plugin should create a directory in ../uploads/users/"user1 or user 2, etc"
    - the user should not see the dashboard after login

    it´s like dropbox or any other kind of cloud service to make file sharing between the admin and the user easier.

    Everything should work automaticly. When a new user registers there will be created a private page for the user and a direcoty.

    Can somebody help me please?

  2. dr_figs
    Posted 3 years ago #

    hi twostepit,

    I was wondering if u found some solution for your problem, I am looking for a plugin that make the same that u need, but I am not sure about how to do it, or what plugin is the best....It seems that there are a couple plugins than can work well but not sure, and I am not a fan of paying for something that I am not sure if it will work great. I am talking about the following plugins:


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