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  • Hello,

    I have been searching for about a week for a theme, as clean and simple as possible, that shows the pictures of my posts in the size of half the screen.

    I’ll explain better: imagine your screen cut in half vertically, then rotated to landscape – that’s the picture size I need.
    They sould not be horizontal fullwidth, but really in the middle of the screen.

    Are there any themes that have that picture size?
    Or: Do I choose a theme and then add a plug in? If second option, which plu-ins would do that?

    Iam a complete novice and am grateful in advance for your help!

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  • esmi


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    that shows the pictures of my posts in the size of half the screen.

    What size screen? A 21 inch desktop monitor? An iPad? An iPhone? You need to starting thinking about how large these images need to be in real terms – not in generalities such as “half the screen”.

    Thank you for your feedback esmi!

    I was thinking of the average laptop screen (about 15 inches) – the point is, the picture should be in the middle of the sceen (any given screen) and larger (if possible) than the average blog picture.

    I wouldn’t like the picture to touch the bords of the screen on either side though.

    maybe some additions:

    The posts and pictures should be in the center – the text discreet and on the right or left of the page

    I could give more information, just ask!



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    Start by looking at fixed-width themes – about 960 to 1000px wide.

    How do I do this? Googling or is there another way by the search motor? be honest, I did not even manage to visualize all 1560 themes that wordpress offers, only 12 appear on the page.
    So I randomly searched on google by ‘best wp photo themes’ ‘best themes and such, just to see more…

    (Usually Iam good with finding info, but here Iam at a complete loss)

    Ok, I have found the filter and tag interface and just clicked on ‘one column’ and ‘fixed width’ – I’ll have a look through each of the over 600 themes in detail, but at a first glance it seems that those who do have the pictures in the exact middle of the screen, have the post-text below, and not on the side….can that be ‘corrected’ with a plug-in?

    I have looked over ALL 600 themes now and even though I find some like nishita, Sundance etc. who have the picture in the middle:

    – it is not big enough and formost
    – the post text should be enabled to put on the left or right side of the picture, is that possible with a plugin?

    How to get the pictures bigger?

    Please be so kind and help –

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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