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  1. haglands
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello and please forgive me if this has been discused before as I could not find the thread.

    What I want to try:

    I want to create a membership site (that may be chargeable) with say three different catagories.

    I then want the public to come to the site (don't we all) and search for members by keywords, if a match is found the matching members information; name, contact details, and brief description of services should be displayed in a friendly format say with a photo.

    It sounds easy and I'm sure it is.

    I had thought of using a membership plugin to control the registration page to membes who have paid a fee. I also though of using the same plugin to cintrol the public access so they too have to register but are not charged... how do I do the searching and displaying of results?

    Thanks a very confused newbie.


  2. Hello there Haglands!

    Sounds like a great use case for a Membership Plugin that works with Buddypress and Buddypress!

    Have you looked into Buddypress yet?



  3. SWJ
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I also recommmend Buddypress haglands

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