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  • Hello,

    In the test with this EXCELLENT tool, i’ve found that the list of references by author rarelly works in Spanish speakers context, because is common to use 2 surnames, but not always, sometimes separated by an space, sometimes separated with an Hyphen, sometimes with or without accents, and sometimes and only one of the last names. For instance, ir I set
    [zotpress author=”Corredor” style=”apa”]
    it will exclude Corredor Álvarez, Corredor-Álvarez, Corredor Alvarez and Corredor-Alvarez, in my case. So it become very difficult to predict all the possible combinations with every single author (I’m planning to do more than 30).

    What I found is that the search bar works excellent in this way: when I type “Corredor”, every single paper is shown, no matter the combination of one or more surnames, even accents, shows everything very efficiently.

    So, one possible workarround is to set a searchbar with a pre-determined search. A code that shows me the results of Corredor, in this example.

    For example:
    [zotpressLib userid=”XXXXXXXX” type=”searchbar” pre-search=”Corredor”]
    And loading the page, shows all the results, without the need of writting. and maybe hide the searchbar itself, showing only the results, replacing this way the default references listing by author.

    That would be optimal for us.


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