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  • Hi, I am an admin for a ham radio web site running WordPress 3.9.

    I would like to ask about an easy plug-in I could install so that I can scan in photos (QSL cards) and store them on the site in a searchable database.

    The QSL cards are historical postcards showing radio contacts from today back to the 1920’s. They would be scanned into the system as images and then I would like for people to be able to search through those images (i.e CALLSIGN, YEAR, STATE, COUNTRY, etc.).

    If anyone has any suggestions on what works well for this purpose, could you please let me know? Thank you.

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  • Hi squantoterror
    N2RGA here I manage several Ham Radio Websites and know exactly what you need.
    There is no plugin that will do it out of the box for QSL Cards.
    You will be scanning QSL Card into a Graphic format then storing them on the site to be viewed by guests. you can do that with one of many photo gallery plug ins. I have not researched plugins for QSL card use but I’m sure there is one out there you can use for it.
    The other option besides a gallery would be a database type plugin that can be molded to what you want to use it for.
    I was looking for the same type of plugin for ARES use to get the specifics of what type of communications everyone had. but I gave up since it would have to be a custom plugin. that brings me to. My next idea
    there are sites you can ask for bids on a job to create the plugin you need. try them out if you want a custom one.
    I hope I got you thinking in the wright direction and not confused you.
    73 de n2rga

    freelancer is one site it just came into my head to have someone create a plugin for you



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    I know that I can create galleries all day long, I have seen numerious plugins that I can download that will make quite nice galleries.

    What I really need is for them to be searchable by the end user to our site. I was thinking of keeping it basic and just having fields for CALLSIGN, COUNTRY (OR US STATE), and YEAR. This way someone can view lets say all the QSL cards that my club got in 1938, or if they type the callsign W1AW they can view all the QSL cards from W1AW.

    I guess I am sort of amazed that there is not a pre-made plugin that lets you have a photo gallery and have users be able to search through photos based on the metadata that you store them in. But if I have to have someone specifically write code for it I just may abandon the idea and opt to put them on Flickr or something else. Just would be nice to have all that on one web site.

    It was going to be a HUGE pain just to scan all of the cards anyway (my club was established in the 1920’s and we have literally thousands of QSL cards), much less getting someone to custom make a plug-in for me.

    Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciated!

    73! de Nick N9SJA

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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