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  • Hey Everyone!

    We recently launched a website to help stop police injustice:

    We have the basic structure of the site the way we want it to look, however we are stumped trying to figure out how to implement the following:

    1. Database – A system in which users can enter information (police name, badge number, zip code, state, etc.) and that information will be put into a searchable database. (We have a very simple usage of this on the site using a contact form, but this data just gets emailed to us, pretty useless). User should also be able to search for all results by the same fields (name, badge number, zip, etc.), for example, to find the amount of corrupt police activity in their zip code, etc.

    2. Forum – We have installed the bbPress plugin and it runs okay, but the forum is very limited and not really customizable. We would like to have a very in depth list of forums, and a way that users can sign up for the forums, edit their profiles, or comment as a guest.

    This is my first website in wordpress so I appreciate all the help in advance, thanks!

    Mr. Star

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