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  • In the footer of several search-type sites, they typically have a bunch of links that directly point to a popular search type/location…so instead of typing in the search criteria, the user can just click on a link to go directly to what they want.

    For example, if I have a store locator that has a bunch of food stores in different cities, and I learn that one of my popular search terms is restaurants in Los Angeles, I will want to provide a link so that people can directly search for that term with a click.

    Is there a way to construct a link so that it submits a form specifying:
    -location (either zip or city)

    and then displays the results?

    Thanks!! BTW…just read a few posts about how the author is catching some grief about deriving this plugin from another – support is what it is all about, and this plugin support is AWESOME. Also, it functions beautifully and simply. Keep up the good work Charleston!

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    Hi JC –

    No way to do what you are asking yet. I need to consider how to implement that as Withinboredom will need it for an improved widget.

    Thanks for the kudos on support, I try. As for deriving from another plugin, the original plugin is significantly based on the Google open source PHP library. A majority of the code is a direct copy of that library. In reality 70%+ of the code CSL started with is Google’s not another plugin author. CSL attempted to hire the original author for patches and new features but that author was on indefinite hiatus. CSL had a deadline and decided to patch it, extend it, and release the patched version as a free plugin for other users “Store Locator Plus”, the original plugin plus some patches and new features.

    Cyber Sprocket is now defunct, I have taken over the plugin personally, and the entire plugin is SIGNIFICANTLY different that even the original that CSL started with. It is no 90% true object oriented architecture, utilizes WordPress 3.3+ design methodologies, and is now easily extended via hooks and filters making it so much easier to ANY plugin author to hook into and extend the feature set with plugins like Enhanced Search, Enhanced Results, Pro Pack, and Store Pages. Another author created the Widget Pack and I’m working on Enhanced Map.

    The goal is better support and an ala carte offering of options to suite as many possible uses as we can with simple plug & play options.

    Happy Holiday, JC!

    – LC

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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