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  • Micbow


    I’m not sure what others think but it seems a bit of an overkill to have a search capability for different countries.

    I’d just be happy with being able to search for property based on type, price and local location all of which can be added by the webmaster using the custom fields you’ve already integrated into the plugin.

    I think this plugin is better than the other options that are available but the search appears to be it’s Achilles heal. Based on what I’ve seen if you wanted to add a premium version with an integrated slider to display featured properties then I’d be happy to support it.

    If people are happy to use the search widget as it is then keep it but why not add another simple search widget just based on custom fields?

    This would be a quick fix that would work. As they say . . . . KISS



    I’m enjoying the plugin too, but search still does not work for me either in version 2.06.10 (WP 3.5).

    As noted in an earlier thread, $FSREPSearch is set to “S”. $FSREPSearch is fine until line 147 of define.php at which point it gets set to the value of $FSREPSearch[‘query’]. Commenting out line 147 of define.php fixes search for me. I haven’t dug deep enough to discover what $FSREPSearch[‘query’] is supposed to be, so I may be breaking some functionality by commenting this out, but so far things are looking good…



    As dramaeke posted, that is the same conclusion I came to. The search capability is still not working. Honestly I completely agree with Micbow – how many real estate agents do you know that have property in multiple countries? A simpler search function would really help!



    Yes, a simple search widget with just one generic search box – where you can enter anything from city to street name – would be great!



    I have the same issue
    Please help us!



    I have fixed the issue with the search. Go into define.php and comment out the following lines of code.

    //if (isset($FSREPSearch[‘glong’])) { $GMapSLong = $FSREPSearch[‘glong’]; }
    //if (isset($FSREPSearch[‘glat’])) { $GMapSLat = $FSREPSearch[‘glat’]; }
    //if (isset($FSREPSearch[‘gzoom’])) { $GMapSZoom = $FSREPSearch[‘gzoom’]; }
    //if (isset($FSREPSearch[‘query’])) { $FSREPSearch = $FSREPSearch[‘query_value’]; }



    Great work dramaeke & jhayt
    Here’s what I did.
    Commented out line 147 in define.php
    Then I wanted to remove the country, state, city and price from the search widget so I could use my own custom fields.
    To do this comment out lines 17 to 59 in widget_search.php



    How did you guys get the search widget to show up at all? I’ve got the “map and search” setting on, but I’m only seeing the map up on the listings page.



    Nevermind… Figured it out, thanks.

    More fixes (javascript errors in Google Map on search)

    xml/marker_listing.php, line 17

    } elseif (isset($_GET['search'])) {

    changed to

    } elseif (isset($_GET['search']) && $_GET['search']!='') {

    hooks.php, lines 220-222

    if (isset($GMapSLat)) { $GMapLat = $GMapSLat; }
    if (isset($GMapSLong)) { $GMapLong = $GMapSLong; }
    if (isset($GMapSZoom)) { $GMapZoom = $GMapSZoom; }

    changed to

    if (isset($GMapSLat) && ($GMapSLat!='S')) { $GMapLat = $GMapSLat; }
    if (isset($GMapSLong) && ($GMapSLong!='S')) { $GMapLong = $GMapSLong; }
    if (isset($GMapSZoom) && ($GMapSZoom!='S')) { $GMapZoom = $GMapSZoom; }

    Micbow – I needed to get rid of the countries option in the search, too. thanks for your post – it worked like a charm!

    Thanks bro…

    THX I was just looking for this 🙂



    How would you get rid of countries and state for search, but have everything populate for city? When I tried removing country and state, it didn’t pull any cities… I know I’m missing something easy.

    Plugin Author FireStorm Plugins


    Hello, the next update includes updates to the code similar to agm65.

    Nate, the PRO version will allow you to set a default country and state/prov. which will resolve your issue.

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