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  • Hello All,

    I have started a new ( read: another ) web project that will consist of a main site, Wp blog, Vanilla forums and MediaWiki.

    All are running off of the same mysql db.

    Can it somehow be set up so regardless of where you search ( main site, blog, forums or wiki ) it will return results from all areas.

    Any advice out there? I’m sure it’s simple trick that I am currently unfamiliar with.



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  • If you use Google Search — you would have to sign up for an AdSense account — it will search your entire domain. In fact, it wouldn’t let me list the subdomain that holds my blog.
    Assuming both that AdSense ads on your results page (and they could be very small), and Google in any form, are acceptable to you, the Google search also allows either “Search this site” or “Search the Web” choices.

    Ahh….I didn’t know that. This is a project that will be more community focused, so a few small ads, hopefully wont be too bothersome.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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