• How do I change the search terms that appear on Google or other search engines from my website. If you look up Limelight Global or http://www.mmgtv.org, the search terms that come up don’t make any sense. Any suggestions?

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  • The search engines determine which sites to rank based on the keyword entered, but most likely the the keywords a site shows up for exist on the site.

    If you are not happy with the keywords your site is ranking for then switch out those words on your site with different words. Also continue to write new content for your site adding new keywords your want to rank for, and as you do this your site will have more keywords that your site could potentially rank for.

    I just tried the following in Google:

    Limelight Global: Looks fine to me. Your site shows up in the middle of the first page. Apparently there are several other Limelight Globals out there.

    mmgtv.org: Brings up your site and several subpages. Also looks fine.

    Yeah but look at the description. It looks stupid:

    “August 12: Back to School with Limelight Global · Deuce greenscreen · Video Premiere: Mr. Deuce – I’m Makin Hitz · Neno B Cherelle · Video Premiere: Neno B …”

    These are the names of the topics. How do I make a description?

    You can help feed search engines by providing certain bits of info. Are you using any SEO plugins? That’s probably the easiest way to get some of that in there.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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