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  • Hi, thanks for the great plugin.

    I had this working great (other than occasionally getting garbled output when I hit the “generate value” button. Then I did some testing by removing all my posts, and making new posts to ensure the search was still working. Suddenly the search stopped finding any results, and takes an extremely long time to process any query (and no matter what comes back with no results, even when it should find results).

    It’s almost as if the plugin can only see posts that existed before I made the search form, and the new posts are not being seen. I’m hoping this may trigger some idea of where to look for a problem, because I’m at a loss.

    Really would appreciate any help you might be able to provide, and thanks again!

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  • Plugin Author TC.K


    Can’t tell what is going wrong, can you give me your link of site?

    Hi, thanks a lot for the response!

    Sure thing – here’s the link to the search page.

    As you can see, using the “quick search” works well, but the “advanced search” (which utilizes the plugin) takes a very long time to search, and always returns no results.

    Since you won’t be able to tell, if you were to search for an “orange” exterior color (and leave all the other settings on “any”), that should return this result:
    (as you can see, it has an orange exterior color in its custom field).

    This was working properly, but then suddenly stopped working and the very long search time started happening as soon as it stopped working. Right before this stopped working, I removed a bunch of golfcar/posts (moved to trash), and added some new ones. The plugin hasn’t been able to find those new posts at all.

    Hope this is helpful. Really appreciate your help!

    Crazy – I just changed the boolean setting in the form for custom meta from OR to AND, and that seemed to kick everything into motion. It’s working again, and moving fast. Seems to be resolved, and hoping it stays stable.

    Still would appreciate any insight on what I did wrong to cause the problem in the first place. Really appreciate this plugin – it’s the best I’ve been able to find related to custom searching.

    Plugin Author TC.K


    By using “OR” boolean, the query have to look through more rows in the database table. However, when using “AND” boolean, the query only look for the table rows that meet the search inputs, thus it can skip a lot of time reading the database.

    Normally when using “OR” won’t affect so much of the speed. But if you have many inputs to check through, the time that spend on checking the value in table will be significantly noticeable.

    Hi again. I unfortunately have to resurrect this issue. Search has suddenly stopped working again – it’s not taking a long time to search like the original issue I posted above, but it suddenly finds no results no matter what I search for. Even if I leave all the filters set to “search all”, the results say nothing is found.

    If I search through the regular WP search, I find results, and the plugin was working previously (I left the site alone entirely and it stopped working – nothing changed at all). It’s as if the plugin suddenly stops seeing posts randomly, or perhaps can only see posts that were before the search form was initially created? This has happened several times in my testing, but I can’t figure out the pattern or why it suddenly seems to start working again from time to time.

    Is there any way to refresh the index for the search, or do you any thoughts on how to kickstart the search to work again (to repeat, no settings have changed – it just stopped working randomly). Happy to give you the login info if you need it.

    Thanks very much!

    Plugin Author TC.K


    Okay you can give your login info to me by refer to this link.

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