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    I’m using Avada Theme with Woocommerce and the search results of Ajax Search show products that I marked as “Hide from search results”. I saw that, a few months ago, somebody else had the same problem, but his Woocommerce was outdated. I’m using the most recent version.

    I feel like the search results page that shows up isn’t even the Ajax search results page but the general search results page. Modifications made to the Ajax search results layout have no effect (I deselected “show author” but the author still shows). So I guess the problem might be somewhere there.

    I selected to replace theme search and woocommerce search with Ajax, and I also inserted the shortcode in some page just to try if this will bring me to a different search results page, but it didn’t.

    Maybe somebody can help me.

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    Well, currently, only products excluded from the search are hidden, but the catalog hidden products are still included.

    To exclude them as well, you will have to make a modification to the main search file. In case you want to do so, please follow the instructions below. Before making any changes, please make sure you have a full site back-up.

    1. Open up the wp-content/plugins/ajax-search-lite/includes/classes/search/search_content.class.php file on your server
    2. Scroll to line 386, which should be this:

    'slug' => array('exclude-from-search'),

    3. Change that to:

    'slug' => array('exclude-from-search', 'exclude-from-catalog'),

    4. Save the file.

    After the change, all hidden catalog products should be excluded as well.

    Best regards,
    Ernest M.

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    Hey, sorry it took me a while to get back to this, I tried it today and it seems to work. Thank you!

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