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    Hi, I am very excited to use this plugin as I have not been able to find one that will do what my client needs yet and hope this one will.

    When a client is in a specific category and does a search I need them to get products only from that category. It seems like this will work however when I do a search for a product in the category and hit submit it just refreshes the page with all the products in that category and not just the one product I searched for. I am not sure why it is not working?? I am using WP E-Commerce, does it not search the title of the product?

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    Hey allcore, do you have a link I could look at?

    This plugin uses wordpress standard categories and taxonomies and the built in mechanisms for searching, however if the e-commerce plugin uses them in any kind of way different to WP defaults then this may not work.

    Another user has reported that this plugin doesn’t work with woocommerce so you may be experiencing similar kinds of problems – for example the way the URLs are generated when searching categories of products may have a different format to the way URLs are formed when searching standard wordpress categories.


    Here is a link to one of the categories:

    The search plugin recognizes what category we are in but unfortunately does not return any results when doing a search. I was using Relevanssi but needed a way to search within specific categories. I hope this will work I love the plugin.

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    Hi allcore, I’ve just had a quick look.

    As I mentioned, this plugin doesn’t really modify the search itself, it uses built in wordpress search to do the searching… so…

    On a normal theme (without this plugin, using standard WP search) if you goto a URL like:

    Then you will do a search for “searchterm” within the category “categoryname”.

    However, your theme does not do this – appending:


    on your theme doesn’t have any effect on the display of your results – this means it is not using the WP search in a standardised way.

    I’m not sure what the fix for this would be as it would take a lot of personal knowledge of the way your theme has been developed, however, this plugin works well with Relevanssi, so if you manage to get that working then I would use both plugins together.

    Think of this plugin as more of just an interface for searching, and Relevanssi (or built in WP search) as the logic behind the searching.

    If enabling Relevanssi doesn’t work, I would try using the plugin on a different theme just to test it is working ok in your environment and it is in fact theme/commerce plugin using the WP search in a non standard way.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Hi thanks for your reply. I see what your saying about the url. I tested it on another site with the same theme but that does not use WP E-Commerce and it works great. So the culprit is WP E-Commerce which is very frustrating as they have horrible support.

    I was using a plugin designed to use with WP E-commerce (but it only searches exact terms which won’t work for me either) and the url for their search results is:,p_sku/

    Which is very different than what the standard one you described above. And I can’t make heads or tails of their code to edit it.

    So I switched plugins and am using Relevanssi, which is activated and is working find, just a bummer your plugin is not able to work with WP E-commerce as I need a category search option.

    Thanks for all your help anyways, I do appreciate it.

    Plugin Author DesignsAndCode


    No worries thanks for checking out the plugin, I’ll look at improving compatibility with other plugins in the future 🙂


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