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  1. Myslovo
    Posted 3 years ago #


    First, I'm not techie, so sorry if something here seems stupid..

    I have a website, it's in Ukrainian, but I use English WordPress, and really hope that a little different letters don't confuse you..

    So, when I do search, it only gives me 5 results. As lond as I understand it corresponds to the number of posts per page. I increased it from 3 to 5. But making it 50 looks stupid, so I need a solution, which I hope to find here..

    I've read that there is pagination, but cannot figure out how I can do that..

    So, here is an example of search: http://myslovo.com/?s=%D0%BF%D0%BE

    The theme is custom, the code of search.php is:

    <?php get_header(); ?>
      <div class="sixteen columns">
        <div class="alpha eleven columns">
          if (have_posts()) :
             while (have_posts()) : the_post();
              get_template_part( 'loop', 'titles' );
          else : ?>
          <h2>Не знайдено визначень &quot;<?php echo get_search_query(); ?>&quot;</h2>
          <p>Будь ласка, повторіть ваш пошук.</p>
          <?php endif; ?>
        <div class="omega five columns">
          <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    if you need some other code please let me know

    what I would like to get now, if it's possible, is 10 search results per page with pagination, while leaving 5 posts per page (or even going back to 3).

    please let me know if you have any questions/comments/replies

    thank you
    Best regards,

  2. Mark Ratledge
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago #

  3. Myslovo
    Posted 3 years ago #

    songdogtech, thank you!

    now I'am able to set number of search results (I like 10). But I still don't have pagination..

    this plugin has " — paged (non first page)" field, where I put different numbers, but no result, still one page of results

    So, maybe you have any ideas about pagination, I will now search for "pagination" in plugins, but maybe you already know some good..

    thanks again,


  4. Mark Ratledge
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Best thing to do is try different plugins and find what you want; they're all a little different. I use http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-paginate/

  5. Myslovo
    Posted 3 years ago #

    thanx, songdogtech!

    though that plugin didn't work, you inspired me to finally switch-on my brain, and I found this page: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/paginate_links

    that piece of code at the bottom works! and using your first plugin advice, Im now having what I wanted: pagination with 10 results per page! The only problem is the words "next page", "previous page" are in English, not Ukrainian, but as long as I understand, that's coz I use English WP.

    thanks again,


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