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  • I cannot find the answer to this question… How do I get what was entered into the search field highlighted (or a different color than the rest of the text) on the resulting search result page?

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  • Turn on the google highlight plugin if you are using 1.2
    It’s in your plugins folder.

    Crazy thing, I had it activated, but the terms weren’t being highlighted. So, I deactivated it and activated it again. Now, the terms are being highlighted. Except, I don’t like the color (orange). How do I change that?

    Look in the plugin file, there should be a place where the color is specified, you can change that.

    #f93 is definately orange… #39f would be blue… greeny-blue. 🙂
    And I got no highlite…

    That would be white on orange yes.

    Sorry, I was using Adobe Photoshop to get the color codes. (Photoshop shows yellow as #FFFF00.) Anyway, the highlighting isn’t working all of the time. Now, I have some sort of scripting error to add to my headaches, so I have to fix that before I can come back to this problem. Oh, the agony!!! 😉

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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