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    I an using the latest version of NextGen Gallery Pro and WordPress.

    When using your plugin, I have a couple of issues:

    1. Widget – When using the widget, the results page shows the appropriate images in list mode only, and the shopping cart is not available for purchasing the images in the pro lightbox.
    a. How do I select the pro masonary, mosaic, or pro thumbnails from the widget? adding the <pt or other for my cusotmers is not an option.
    b. Regardless of actual initial display format, I would like to have the eCommerce available for the results.

    2. Using the shortcode on its own page
    a. The results only shows the proper option, but the shopping cart option is unavailable.

    3. On page shortcode with another next gen gallery:
    a. If I use the shortcode on a portfolio/post page with another next gen gallery, I get a 404-not found as the result. I would like to display the results on the page above the nextgen gallery if possible.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author wpo-HR


    quite a number of questions …
    1a: you should set the appropriate display parameter for the shortcode hr_SIS_display_images on the search landing page.
    See also display search results on the plugin homepage.
    1b: Sorry, I am a hobby photographer only using NextGEN Gallery and NextGEN Gallery Plus (Pro without eCommerce). Therefore my plugin should work with normal NextGEN galleries and with NextGEN Plus/Pro galleries without eCommerce. It will use native NextGEN galleries by passing the search result list as the gallery image list. I don’t have the code of NextGEN Pro with eCommerce, so I do not know how eCommerce and shopping card option is handled by NextGEN Pro.
    2: same as 1b
    3: Normally a search result list and further NextGEN galleries should display on the same page/post. The problem in your case is your website setup with the subdirectory (?) “work” in your URL.
    The plugin must address the current page URL for the result list. It uses the wordpress siteurl (which in your case is “;) together with the post_name / slug of your page (which in your case is “bellaire-police-2016-awards”). Therefore it sends the result to the page URL “; which does not exist (404-not found, because your real URL has an additional “work/” in the middle).
    As mentioned, I do not know your website setup. Therefore I do not currently know how to get your correct URL with standard wordpress means.
    Maybe you can avoid the use of “work/” in your URL.
    As a makeshift I could add an additional shortcode parameter which could set the ‘modified’ siteurl.
    Best regards

    Can you tell me which file defines the display for the search results? I would like to see if I can make it work.

    Plugin Author wpo-HR


    You must edit the wordpress post or page which should display the search result.
    For the widget based search, this is the default search landing page which pops up if you start a widget based search.
    On that search result page you must set the display parameter in the display shortcode like

    [hr_SIS_display_images display=”mo”]

    for a pro mosaic gallery.
    You should consult the help pages display search results and using shortcodes for more information.

    Thank you, I understand how to use the display short code to get the mo or ma or pt, but I am looking for the coding that references the nextgen gallery display directly, so i can see if I can specify for the eCommerce to show.
    I am assuming this is somewhere in your php files, so i was asking where the best place to look, or just a place to start to see if I could get your code to work with eCommerce.

    OK, I figured it out.
    To display the eccommerce, you need to include the

    is_ecommerce_enabled=”1″ in teh gallery short code

    Having an option to turn on the sharing buttons in your plugin will also help with the ecommerce use of your plugin.

    This plugin works great for my needs now. I just need to work out the url link issue to work with my portfolio system.

    Thanks for your plugin.


    Plugin Author wpo-HR


    OK, that sounds easy.
    I was already considering the option of passing shortcode parameters directly to the NextGEN gallery shortcode. This should handle the ecommerce issue and any other possible NextGEN gallery customization without a need for me to further adjust any coding.

    For the URL issue you could check whether the variable $_SERVER[‘REAL_DOCUMENT_ROOT’] together with the first part (up to character ‘/’) of $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_URL’] will be the better appraoch compared to the wordpress siteurl (see codelines 1011-1016 in class-ngg-smart-image-search-public.php).

    Best regards

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