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    Hey guys –

    I have installed this plug in on two separate WordPress blogs within a single multisite. The search was up and running and looking great for a while, but when I went to use it this morning, suddenly every search is returning no results.

    I haven’t changed anything other than a little bit of CSS on the search results page, but I don’t think that should affect the actual AJAX query in any way.

    Any idea what’s going on here?

    Here’s my page:

    Search is in upper right.

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  • Were you using a custom results template (a wpus-results-template.php file in your theme directory)? The syntax for this file changed in the last update, and there are a few lines of code that need to be updated. See the release notes for details. If you need help fixing this file, let me know.

    If you weren’t using a custom results template, try going into the settings page for WPUS and saving the settings once.. sometimes this will fix any bugs that are introduced between versions.

    I was using a custom results template. However I can’t find any information on the updates I need to make. Can you link me to the release notes? Thanks,



    I am having a similar problem. The search was running fine, I have updated the plugin and now it odes not search posts.

    How can I fix this?

    My website:



    For information on customizing the results template, see this page on our knowledgebase:

    If you were already using a custom results template, take a look at wp-ultimate-search/views/wpus-results-template.php to see how it’s changed. Basically you’ll want to change <?php if ($results): ?> to <?php if ( $wpus_results->have_posts() ) : ?>, delete the lines <?php global $post; ?> and <?php setup_postdata($post); ?>, and replace <?php foreach ($results as $post): ?> with <?php while ( $wpus_results->have_posts() ) : $wpus_results->the_post(); ?>. Then towards the bottom, change the <?php endforeach; ?> to <?php endwhile; ?>.

    That’s a really substantial change to what was a pretty primary feature.

    I implemented the change. It returned functionality to one of my two instances of WP Ultimate Search, but not to both. I am using a multisite. In one instance I have the WP Ultimate Search widget running in the right hand sidebar and it works fine:

    However on the other instance of the multisite I have the search bar in the footer, and it is not functioning:

    I have tried disabling/enabling the plug in on the broken multisite. I have removed all custom CSS for now as well, and I have made sure the settings for the plug in mirror each other. I can’t figure out why the version of the plug in running in the footer just isn’t doing anything. It isn’t returning a ‘No Results Found’ response; it simply returns no response whatsoever.

    Yes, and I’m sorry.. we knew it would be inconvenient for people, so we put it off for several months. Unfortunately our old method was significantly slower and less flexible in terms of what search parameters could be handled. The new search code offers a lot more flexibility.

    It may be possible that having two instances of the plugin installed are causing conflicts with eachother, I’m not sure. The one in the footer seems to be partially working. If I select a tag from the dropdown, I’m redirected to the results page with the proper search results for that tag. It’s only if I type in text that the text isn’t getting passed through to the results page. If you want to send me an admin login and FTP login for your site to, I’d be happy to log in and see if I can fix it.

    They were working together before the recent update, no problem at all.

    Not sure I would call this one resolved man. I have simply had to quit using the plug in now. I was hoping with the most recent update it would be fixed, but it wasn’t.

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