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  • here is another example. Not that one is needed

    Anyone able to help a bit?

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    Maybe we could help if you explained what you were talking about?


    When a search is done, it pulls up all of the pages from my actual site. How do i get this to not do it.

    …doesn’t make any sense. What do you want the page to do? Nobody can answer what they don’t understand.

    Thanks for responding. I have posted an example above that should help to illustrate what I am trying to say. However….when the site does a search, it then pulls up a message and shows every page from within the wordpress site itself. This is after my footer. Does that make sense?

    here is another example.

    That is odd. Have a look at your search.php (or however it is called in your theme). It looks like there is a get_links argument or something there. Intially I thought that it could be your footer.php, but that can’t be since the footer is correct on other pages.

    After looking for those files I have 3 that seem similiar

    None of them have the get_links argument. When viewing the sorce code of that page (link above) I find this:

    						<p>You have searched the <a href="">Evanston Bible Fellowship</a> weblog archives
    			for <strong>'exodus'</strong>. If you are unable to find anything in these search results, you can try one of these links.</p>

    I need to find that and I think that is were the problem will be found. I have searched all of the pages in my theme but can’t find it. I wonder if that is built into wordpress? :/

    any ideas?

    Not in the search.php? Maybe you can just use the windows search function in the Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and search inside theme files (bottom search box) for “You have searched” or something. I can hardly imagine that this comes from the single.php, but who knows.
    In any case, the “you can try these links” refers to your pages, blogroll and archive.
    Btw. I nowhere saw a searchbox on the site, so why is it a problem?

    THat looks more like a wrongly placed get_sidebar call…

    Genius! that was it. It seemed weird to me that it was above the footer in the code, So I did not suspect it. Excellent.

    Thanks for helping me troubleshoot this.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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