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  1. Ptryk
    Posted 10 years ago #

    ( posted the below here
    but it seems in hinesight this maybe needs its very own post .. not a strange question on the bottom of a not really applicable post!?)

    i have tried to mod the search pages plugin to exclude password protected posts.. want a search function, just don't want to give people the chance to see that there "is" a protected post AND it happens to contain your search words.. from my own pov - it just wets the gums..

    anyhow, i changed the replace "to" section with :

    ' AND ((post_password = "" AND (post_status = "static" OR post_status = "publish"))'

    no problem really .. for pages...

    posts it turns out are another matter. posts that are password protected still show up!? i can't seem to figure out how/why this could possibly be..the call to the function is the same for either posts or pages.. the tag is the same.. isn't it?

    enlightenment requested and greatly appreciated!

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