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  • Hi Everybody,
    I would like to have a page on my website where I can narrow down other pages by catagories or tags then search and see what comes up- then in the long run, be able to send those results to someone. For example, image you own a car dealership and someone (a college student) wants to go to your website and search your current inventory. It would be nice if they could search, make, model, color, price, etc. and see the results. Then imagine this college student searched for a red mustang under 10k and 5 cars popped up matching what he searched for- he then wants to send these five cars (each with their own page) to his dad. How would someone make a website in order to do this (search by catagories, then somehow save the results to somehow send to someone). I do not own a car dealership haha but my website would work in the same type of way.

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