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  • Plugin Author alexmustin


    Hi @auntypizza,

    Thanks for using my plugin!

    I have been trying to monitor that thread while my normal work schedule has gotten crazy. The feedback I received there has been very helpful, and I will use that to fix the plugin when I do have time to do so.

    Thanks again!

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    Hi Alex,

    I really like your plugin!
    But will wait until it “works” to do a post about it.

    I think my topic should do well as I don’t think anyone else has done the same post.

    Happy to also plug your website:

    Tried to send you an email via your contact form but on Submit I just see the “spinner” gif. Email doesn’t send.


    Hello guys, Hello Alex

    I’m back with great news after having the same problem (custom email not appearing in search results). I tried in incognito window and it work. Then i deactivate every chrome extension 1 by one and find that our bug come from :

    Loom for Chrome

    So it looks it’s not a plugin compatibility issue, but a Loom chrome extension thing, if it can help for plugin update of this wonderful tool 🙂

    I tested all process after loom extension deactivation and emails send perfectly.

    Test on a Website with Astra / Woo / Catflows .. and many more woo plugins

    Cheers 🙂

    Plugin Author alexmustin


    Hi @geraldino,

    Thanks for providing that.

    Although I’m unsure why a Chrome extension on a browser would block the sending of emails in the back-end of WooCommerce… The two are not really connected, as WooCommerce does all its processing on the server end, and your Chrome extension (should be) running on the browser side only.

    From my end, this is still a mystery and I have no idea why my plugin works flawlessly on a default install but not for other users.

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    Wow – I have the Loom extension and disabling it makes the search work.

    Thanks @geraldino – well done – hopefully @alexmustin you can work out a fix…but I can disable the extension and do a tutorial now 🙂

    OK, @alexmustin , i’m not a wp developer so i have no ideas of the bug but like @auntypizza i wanted to include your plugin in a Woocommerce tutorial which i did fo my french mates, large community thousands people so i needed a simple fix and it made the job so i’m happy to use your nice plugin again 🙂

    Thanks for your work 🙂 !

    Plugin Author alexmustin


    Hi @geraldino @auntypizza,

    Sorry for my confusion — I was getting this search issue confused with a different issue, where emails aren’t sending for some users.

    I’m so glad to hear this is a viable solution to the Custom Messages Search not working!

    I’ll do some research on my end and make any appropriate changes to hopefully avoid this happening in the future.

    Thanks again!

    Thread Starter Worthdesigning


    The problem is back – could be another extension causing it?

    My search feature was not working, so I uninstalled Loom for Chrome and it fixed it. So strange! Just wanted to add that I had the same issue.
    Appreciate this free plugin! Thank you!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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