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  1. grosbouff
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi, I would like to have a search form where the user is able to check several taxonomies to search in (using the OR operator).
    so my checkboxes elements have
    for example, which is an array.

    So I guess I have to implode this array before the query args are parsed.

    I made this :

    //explode checkboxes array when doing a search
    	$_POST = yclads_implode_checkboxes_taxonomies($_POST);
    function yclads_implode_checkboxes_taxonomies($request_var) {
    	$args = array('yclad_action','yclad_category');
    	foreach($request_var as $arg_key=>$arg_value) {
    		if (!in_array($arg_key,$args)) continue;
    		$value= $request_var[$arg_key];
    		if (!$value) continue;
    		if (!is_array($value)) continue;
    		$new_args[$arg_key]=implode(',',$value); //'OR' operator
    	$new_args = array_filter((array)$new_args);
    	$output = wp_parse_args( $new_args, $request_var );
    	return $output;

    when I print my $request->query_vars (using the hook parse_request), I got this

    Array ( [post_type] => yclad [yclad_category] => cars,casting [taxonomy] => yclad_category [term] => cars,casting )

    So by there it seems to be OK.
    But then the query do not work. No posts are returned...

    Any idea of why ?

    THanks !

  2. grosbouff
    Posted 4 years ago #

    PS : I retrograded to WP3.1 RC4 and this same script is working with it.

  3. grosbouff
    Posted 4 years ago #

    mmhh...I had not well setup the beta tester plugin. Was running under WP 3.0.5... this is fixed now, the code works fine.

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