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  • Hi all, i hope someone can help me since i’m going insane!

    i have multiple wordpress installs (not through the multi site for many reasons).

    i can’t figure out how to tell the search form to look through ALL the sub directories i have and display all the results…

    i’ve managed to create a general results page, but i can’t for the life of me figure how to look through all the databases or where even this code is.

    google custom search is not an option.

    please help me, i’ve been looking into this for weeks with no luck 🙁

    thanks so much in advance.

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  • There is no multi-site search function if you’re not using a multi-site install.

    Each installation has it’s own database, or at very least it’s own prefix so that it knows what tables it can look in. This means that it’s a closed off system that doesn’t interact with the other installations. Under pretty much all circumstances, that’s how you’d want it to be so that anything that breaks one installation doesn’t affect any others.

    If you have access to all of the databases, you can write some custom code to connect to every database, run the search query, and return the results from each individual database. This will not be fast. In fact I’d give an educated guess that it will be horribly slow. This is because creating a database connection is one of the more resource-intensive operations, and then running a complicated search query against each connection… it’s just a very time consuming operation.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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