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  • My company has a WordPress webstore built using Woocommerce.
    All our items are listed as Products, so when I log into the store i navigate to the products tab…
    Now I can use the Search Products text input to seach inside the Products posts using a mySQL query.
    What I want to know is this…
    Is there a way I can search for and return multiple item using multiple search skus…
    for example if i enter 7206 it will search for any item with that number in the title or description, and I think i have a code snippet working properly to search the meta _sku as well.
    However I when i enter more than one number in the search it does an AND relation search returning nothing… for example i enter this in the search box: 7026 4567
    Now it returns nothing because no items contain both those numbers, but i want it to return both the items with 7026 and the items with 4567

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    also to clarify further, I use Relevanssi for the front end search and it works like a charm searching the store using multiple numbers (assuming this works because of Relevanssi indexing it all), but it will not work in the back end (admin) section

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