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  • Hi,

    I came across your plugin and it seems really useful for a site I am building. I have however noticed that if I activate the plugin, some WordPress admin jquery functionality stops working. (I am using WP 3.2.1, with a Prototype child theme and I have Gravity Forms active amongst a few other plugins.)

    The problem is, for example, the internal linking option in the visual editor stops working when Search Meter is active. However, as soon as I de-activate it, it works again.

    I have tried de-activating other plugins and different combinations, but as far as I can tell it is only when Search Meter is active that this happens.

    Since I have not seen any other posts here mentioning this, it may be the combination of Search Meter as well as another plugin…

    Are there any known plugin conflicts?
    And is this something you/someone has come across before?

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  • Plugin Author Bennett McElwee


    I’ve never seen this before, but I will investigate. If you have time, you could gather some more information for me…
    1. Go to an admin page where you see the problem
    2. View Source. Save the source to a file called bad.html
    3. Deactivate Search Meter
    4. Go to the admin page where you saw the problem before
    5. View Source. Save the source to a file called good.html
    6. Send bad.html and good.html to me. bennett at

    Thanks for the response Bennett. I will do what you suggested and send you the files when I’m done.

    Mmmm…This is strange, but it seems to be working ok now. The site setup has changed slightly since I ran into the above issue. I added a plugin to allow logins by email. And I deleted most of my inactive plugins.

    I will keep Search Meter active and see how it goes the next few days. Will update here on the forum.

    Thank you!

    Hi again,

    I have been running Search Meter for the past 2 days now. I have noticed something odd with the search numbers though. Whenever I make a search, either logged in or not, SM registers 2 searches, instead of 1. As such, all the numbers are doubled from what they really are. Any thoughts?

    Update: I have also noticed that, with SM activated, I cannot save my Gravity Forms forms at all. The little .js loading icon just spins and spins and the item is never saved. It just carries on without end. (both Firefox and Chrome)

    On further investigation, I also noticed that I could not in fact add any fields to my GF forms anymore. I then de-activated SM. I still could not add any form fields, however I could now save my forms.

    Plugin Author Bennett McElwee


    If you can’t add Gravity Forms fields even with SM deactivated, then SM can’t be the culprit for that. I suspect resolving that problem would also resolve the saving forms problem.

    Overall, I suggest you deactivate SM until you have established that everything else works perfectly. Then activate SM and see what happens.

    Plugin Author Bennett McElwee


    Duplicate searches

    Here’s a procedure you can follow to help me investigate this:
    1. Got to your SM settings screen
    2. Enable “Keep detailed information about recent searches”
    3. Go to your site and do a couple of searches for different terms
    4. Go to your SM Dashboard and verify that the searches have been counted twice
    5. Click “Last 100 Searches”
    6. Click “Show Details” to see lots of technical info
    7. Save the page to a file and send it to me – bennett at

    Let me know if I can clarify any of the above.

    This should help me figure out what’s up. There are lots of ways searches can be duplicated – I have allowed for these but I may have missed something.

    Hi Bennett,

    It seems the issues I am experiencing may be stemming from a memory management issue on my server and not from plugin conflicts. I am in process of looking into this so I will update this thread and follow your suggested steps for the Duplicate Searches when I’m done.

    Thank you!

    Hi Bennet,

    I have sent you an email as you requested.

    Regarding the other issue with Gravity Forms. It turns out it was a WP memory limit/server resource issue and unrelated to the plugins. Sorry for the misguided forum post on that.

    Thank you

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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