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  • I encountered this “not working”. Version 2.13.2.

    Normally install plugins via the WP-CLI — and that’s how I installed this one.
    While debugging, I monitored the traffic and noticed that I was getting errors like this:

    NOTICE: PHP message: WordPress database error Table 'project.wp_searchmeter' doesn't exist for query DELETE FROMwp_searchmeter

    Which means that … for some reason when I installed it and activated it — it did not create it’s database tables.

    So… I just went to the actual plugins screen, deactivated it, and then reactivated it. That fixed the database problem. Then I noticed it wasn’t writing my searches to it, no matter what I did. I then started looking at the code.

    There’s this bit of code:
    tguy_sm_array_value($_SERVER, 'HTTP_REFERER') … that basically is saying “Do not log searches unless the HTTP_REFERER value exists.” — The HTTP Referer value just means that traffic needs to originate from a place. ANY PLACE. It’s pointless code… I know what they were going for here… which was to ask the question “did this request come from the site” but… that’s not what it does. ALSO… HTTP_REFERER drops if you involve HTTPS to NON-HTTPS at any point. OR if people are in private browsing mode.

    Search engines should not be using search results pages… those pages should actually be NOINDEX NOFOLLOW — here’s an article on that:

    ANYWAY… here’s what I did to finally start seeing results.

    1. Make sure you have the latest version of the plugin (2.13.2 as of this response)
    2. Deactivate the plugin.
    3. Reactivate the plugin.
    4. Go to settings, make sure that your user level can view results. To be safe you can just set this to “All logged-in users”.
    5. Disable “Ignore searches made by logged-in administrators” for your testing purposes. Enable it later if you want.
    6. Now, go to your home page, and type in a search term, and submit it. You must NOT be in private browsing mode. You should now see results.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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