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  1. Dreamchaser
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hi WordPress Lovers,

    Just looking out for a small fix, I am running WordPress v2.02 the latest build, I am tweaking the site to fit my needs, in this way, I wanted just 1 post to be displayed on my wordpress site, hence changed settings like:

    Blog Pages: Show at most: 1 Posts

    And it works as set, but during search of particular query, just 1 result is returned. I am not sure where to change the settings, so that I can view all the results not just.

    Is this possible to change somewhere? I just want 1 post to be displayed on a page, but for search results, I want all results to be displayed.

    Also, I have changed the template a bit, by removing next page, previous page which is usally found at bottom of the page. Does this affect the search result page ?

    If the result was too large to be displayed and requires to be displayed in 2or more pages, do I need to display next and previous page ?

    But I would like have all results displayed in just 1 page, I really want it that way, possible I could get support from wordpress experts here ?

    Thanks in advance! I just have 1 more support question, which I would ask once I am able to fix this out.


  2. Dreamchaser
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Any help people ? I am still looking for a solution myself though... if anyone has some reply, you can post them here.. ?

  3. moshu
    Posted 9 years ago #

    The settings for posts per page apply to ALL views in a blog.
    If you want to have different number of posts depending on the view (archive, category, serach etc.) you'll need a plugin:
    (it has a nice admin interface where you can customize the post numbers)

  4. Dreamchaser
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hi Moshu,

    This is 100% Exactly what I wanted! Works like a charm, you understood my points so clear! You made my day Moshu, this plugin works just charming, exactly the way I had in mind.

    Simple, effective and very professional interface in admin panel, makes our work very very simple!

    Have a great day Moshu! I am so happy, but still have a another small request, which I shall post soon.

    Again, thanks a lot! I am so happy now ;)!!!!

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