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  • Dear wordpress community,

    I moved an old homepage with about 4500 post to wordpress some of them as long as 60.000 letters. It is a non-profit homepage with 2 posts a day and only a few thousand visitors a month. Because of the Online-Shop and plenty email-adresses the website is run on a 1and1 unlimited dual hosting package with around 89 MB of memory and the normal 1and1 server restrictions.

    Now I want to implement a good search functionality into the website and would like to avoid google as itself.

    WP-Search 2: WP-Search 2 doesn’t even start to index the site. If you click on the index button nothing happens. But it gives out one alert, that fastcgi is enabled.

    Relevanssi: Relevanssi is indexing up to 763 post but stops there and there is no way to continue.

    WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin: This plugin crashes at the installation with out of memory exception, saying it could not allocate 779 MB of memory.

    We can’t afford a yolink implementation. Any idea how I could get a normal search function on the website?

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  • Nothing happens with Relevanssi if you click “Continue indexing”? If it’s stuck in one post, no matter what, then probably there’s something unpleasant in the next post in post ID order. Could be a plugin you’re using.

    if you still have no solution, you can try my new plugin: WP-ISE available on WordPress Plugins Directory.
    As there’s no indexing, it don’t need too much resources. You just need to have PHP5 + PDO/mysql enabled on your hosting in order to run it. And results are by far better than the native WP function.

    Well a friend fixed the Relevanssi Issue with some hot-fix, which repairs the Relevannssi indexing. I had to build the index with 100 posts per index step, which took some time. But the database-table from the index has over 80 MB and a search takes up to 12 seconds to response. So I still have no solution. At the Berlin WordPress Bootcamp I talked to some of the Pros who say that they have no solution either but make some sphinx integration for larger customers.
    But I will try you plugin and give you some feedback then.

    Well, I’ll wait for your feedback (no too much time, I hope 😉 ).
    I’ve already tested it on 5 bogs/sites, one with 9,520 posts. If the core engine fits your needs and you want to improve your website response time (after the first search) the Pro version stores every search request in session for a user (if the user try two times the same search, which happen from time to time), and in a table between 2 posts insert/update/delete, in order to perform faster search, as there are often recurring search queries.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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