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    Hello, can you provide me with a link to your website?

    Link to the listings:

    Link to the search function:

    I slightly modified the search widget php file. I removed the html fields that are missing, however it was not working before this either (since the previous update)

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    Hi, I have tried viewing your site today and also when you first posted however your site does not appear correctly. It looks like the styling is not loading. For testing purposes, can you download the plugin and update the widget_search.php file so I can test without the updates?


    It appears to be an issue with sorting by listing_id. When you sort the listings by “recently added” (which, as you know, sorts by the ID of the listing) it displays nothing. I assume this is the default search display order as well, which could cause the same problem. Any input?

    On further investigation, the variable $FSREPSearch does not appear to be passing, it only echos the letter “S” regardless of user input.

    Do you have any updates on this? Is it just me? Should I try re-installing the plugin?

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    Hello, yes the sorting by listing_id is not functioning correctly and I am hoping to add a fix in the next release. The FSREPSearch variable does have an issue which I am looking to change.

    It appears you are not adding full addresses (Country, State & City) to your listings. This is why they are not showing up. Also, in Safari, the styling does not work on your site.

    Thanks for the heads up as far as Safari goes. I have updated the values in listing_address_province, city, and country to the proper values. The search function still displays nothing regardless of input. Our designer working on the issue with safari not recognizing the stylesheets, I appreciate the heads up there.

    I really appreciate you looking into this.

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    Hello, I noticed you are only entering the city for the listings but not a country and state. Those will need to be entered for the search to work correctly.

    That was something we were toying with, we changed it back and it is still failing to find anything when we try to search.

    Also, we installed a new copy of wordpress and a fresh version of your plugin on a different server altogether, the issue remains. Surely i’m not the only one having the problem.

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    Can you provide me with a link to your fresh install so I can take a look? Also, the link above still does not have listings with the country and state added.

    I already took that test site down. I can put it back up if you need me to. Every entry is now showing country, state, city, zip etc in the listing. This is the new link to the search page (we removed the link due to it simply not working anymore):

    Hi Igrimsley,
    Here are versions I used; plugin 2.06.09, and wp 3.5.
    I had the same issue, unfortunately.
    If you find any workaround solution, could you share here please?

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