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  • I’ve spent some time working with search.php and the wordpress search function. Overall I think it works great, but I’ve got some ideas for improvement (this may already be a plugin?). When the search results return only 1 entry, it is displayed in full. I think this is a good concept – but it should be taken a step further and actually bring you to the posts permalink. This is particularly important to me because my blog has copius amounts of video and images. It also just seems more efficient to me, why have the user in a different layout and format than the one thats refined and expected (single.php) for a complete post. Perhaps passing a h2 of Your search yielded one result: would prevent user confusion. I tried to do this myself with php redirects and such but had no luck, and I think it would be a useful general improvement.

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  • Yes! Yes!

    I’ve been combing the archives trying to find something just like this. I also think that when a category only contains one post, one should be able to redirect visitors (upon clicking on the category link) to the permalink for that one item.

    I’m pulling my hair out over this and haven’t found anything like this in the forums. If there is a plugin for this, please let me know!

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