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  • Please have a look at the bottom of the right side bar. I am unable to figure out why the form is not showing (the text box) but when I type and press enter, I see a blank page. Why do I see a blank page as a result and how can I fix this CSS?

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    Can someone please help me with this? I will be really grateful.


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  • I see two problems.

    The first is the invisible search text box. The reason it’s invisible is twofold. First, the background of the text box is set to “transparent” without an outline, so your background color is coming through, and there’s no easy way to see where to type.

    If your theme doesn’t have a place for custom CSS, you should be working with a child theme so your changes aren’t overwritten, then you can add CSS for the search text box specifically because it has an id of “s”:

    #s {
      background-color: #ffffff;
      padding: 12px;

    That will make the box visible, then you can style it as desired.

    I would also re-style the Search button, which conveniently already has the id “searchsubmit”:

    #searchsubmit {
      background-color: #ffffff;
      width: auto;
      float: right;
      padding: 12px;
      margin: 20px auto 20px auto;

    The problem with the blank page when you do a search might be due to the error:

    The connection to wss:// was interrupted while the page was loading.

    that shows up when I enter some search terms and click Search.

    I have tried adding the above CSS code in both Style.css and Custom.css but it is making no change.

    Also, I have deactivated the Zopim plugin and still I see a blank page when I type something in the search box and press enter.

    Can you please help me out?


    The CSS I gave you isn’t showing up on your site, which is why it isn’t changing the layout.

    It looks like the theme you’re using, Lemon, is a commercial theme. If so, you should contact the developer to get help with it. The developer is in a better position to help with it than I am.

    As for the blank page, what I would do first is take a look at any error_log files in your /public_html folder and your theme’s folder. If you find one, the errors listed may point to the fix. The other thing you can do is switch to a default theme, like Twenty Sixteen, and see if the blank page still occurs on searches. If so, I would deactivate all the plugins and test it. If it works with the plugins all deactivated, then you know it’s a plugin conflict. Reactivate one plugin at a time, testing the Search function each time, until you find the culprit.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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