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    Hello, I’m implementing the plugin on a non-Placester theme while using shortcodes to display the search form, search results, etc. I like the look and framework, but when I use the search form, all listings are displayed rather than just the relevant ones; there’s no filtering effect from the search form. In other words, I select “3 bedrooms” but everything is displayed regardless of the number of bedrooms. Can anyone advise on this please?

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    Hi canarycream,

    Can you provide the shortcode that you used to create the search form and, if you feel comfortable, share the url to your site?

    Hi Placester,

    Thanks for your quick reply. It’s hosted locally during development. The shortcodes are:

    On Search page:
    [search_form context=’twentyeleven’ pl_post_type = ‘pl_form’ width = ‘250’ height = ‘250’ hide_sort_by = ‘false’ hide_sort_direction = ‘false’ hide_num_results = ‘false’ radio-type = ‘state’ nb-select-state = ‘4’ animation = ‘fade’ animationSpeed = ‘800’ preview = ‘true’ ]

    On Listings results page:
    [search_listings context=’search_listings_twentyten’ ] [pl_filter group=”metadata” filter=”max_price” value=”650000″] [pl_filter group=”metadata” filter=”min_price” value=”1000″] [/search_listings]

    I’ve also tried the plain old [search_form] and [search_listings] without success.

    Am I using the shortcodes wrong? I couldn’t find any instructions on how to tie the two together, but maybe I missed something.

    The funny thing is that I created a demo site on, thinking that everything would work more smoothly on your servers with your themes, but the search doesn’t work there either with the demo data. So, I’m puzzled.

    Thanks in advance for your help with this!

    p.s. When I click “Search Now!” the “Listings” page loads automatically, so I put the [search_listings] shortcode on that page. Is this correct?

    Eureka! I see now that [search_listings] should go on the same page as [search_form]. Now it works!

    Oy. Now I’m trying to put a quick search widget in a sidebar & display the results on a newly-loaded page. Any hints?

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    Hi canarycream,

    As you have found, you need to add the shortcode [search_listings] to the body of a page to see the search results and, with the [search_form] shortcode embedded in the same page, you will be able to filter the results using a search form.

    It looks like there may be an issue with the Placester: Listings Quick Search widget which we are investigating. Meanwhile, you can create your own search widgets to use in your theme’s sidebars:

    From the admin menu, select ‘Placester’->’Shortcodes/Widgets’ and then click ‘Add New’. Give the widget a title and then select the type ‘Search Form’. If you look at the space between the title box and the ‘Placester Widgets’ box you should see that a shortcode has been generated. You can copy that and paste it into a Text widget in the ‘Appearance’->’Widgets’ screen to generate a search form in the sidebar.

    On the same admin page you can modify the fields and layout of the form, and there is a preview pane that gives you an idea of how the form will appear.

    We are planning an update to the Placester shortcode admin page to make it easier to select the fields that you want to appear in the form and style them as needed.

    Please let us know if you need further help.

    Hi Placester,

    Thanks for the explanation, but I’m still having the original problem of the search fields having no effect on the displayed listings. What you described is what I had originally done, but the results page returns all listings; there’s no filtering effect from the search parameters.

    For instance:
    On homepage: [search_form width=’350′ form_action_url = ‘results’][/search_form]
    On Results page (slug is ‘results’): [search_listings] [/search_listings]

    In case this is relevant, the URL that comes up after searching is:
    …(site name)/results#/-1598626448

    How do I link the [search_listings] shortcode on the results page to the homepage’s search widget (that I created)?

    Plugin Author Placester Inc.


    Hi canarycream,

    Did you also put a search form of some kind on the results page, either in the body of the page or the sidebar?

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