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    We are using WooCommerce version 5.1.0 and WordPress version 5.6.2. In the admin when searching by order number the older items do not appear. Items from the first few pages do. Could this be related to your plugin? I can’t turn it off for testing because it’s a high volume shop.

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  • @shasvat any updates, it has been over two weeks now…

    Hi All,

    Chetna here, from the Tyche team. I’ll now be handling the support for this plugin.

    I have just gone through all the conversations and first I would apologize for the trouble you have been experiencing and for the delay happened.

    I had a word with our team too and we figured out that the issue is coming due to the new meta which is not present in the old orders. To prevent this problem, we will be showing an admin notice to run a script so that the new meta key will be added in those orders where the new meta key is not present.

    And we are planning to release the plugin for this by the end of the 3rd week of June. I’ll inform you here as soon as the plugin will get released.

    Chetna Bhutka

    Hello @chetnapatel

    I am facing the same issue – search by custom order number stopped working after last plugin and database update.

    I also can’t save plugin settings because I get memory-limit-exhaustion error.

    Is there any way of fixing this?

    @chetnapatel The 3rd Week of June has passed and no update is here. any ETA?

    Hi All,

    We released the plugin v1.3.2 in which we included the fix for this issue. Please upgrade the plugin & do let me know the result?

    After updating the plugin, please make sure you update the database through the notice you will receive on your site.

    Chetna Bhutka

    tested update 1.3.2, after updating the database I still can’t search for the old custom order numbers:

    Order exists:

    Database update complete:

    No Orders Found:

    please advice

    Hi @chetnapatel

    I’m also still facing the same problem as @marioprimal – nothing changed after that last update 🙂

    It is either no results or some random orders come up as search results, but not the ones that I’m actually searching for.

    Did you try to search the orders after updating the plugin to the newest version 1.3.3? We have tested all scenarios and this functionality is working for us.

    Chetna Bhutka


    We have 1.3.3 and it is still not working – you said that there needs to be database update, after that 1.3.2 plugin update – we have too large orders table and database update fails every time – we have a success notification, but search is not working, and when we try to do it manually it gives us ‘out of memory’ error :/

    Tested the new update, update installs fine, but this time I do not see the “update database” prompt. After update the old orders are NOT searchable

    Thread Starter Fencer04


    I have the exact same experience as @marioprimal.

    I am experiencing the same issue with any version of 1.3, including 1.3.3. All orders are unsearchable by their ID with the exception of the first handful of pages. Rolling back to 1.2.12 fixed the issue.

    I have about 9,000 orders.

    I was prompted to update the database once when first upgrading to 1.3. Similarly to @marioprimal, I have not seen the DB update prompt since, even when rolling back and testing the 1.3.3 update. No errors in the error log when attempting the failed searches or plugin updates.

    @chetnapatel what is the ETA on a real solution here?
    Can you shed some light into what you assumed was the issue, and why that didn’t pan out the first time around?

    I think I fixed the search issue – at least it is working now, at my website.
    However I don’t know what worked – my fix, or the latest update 🙂

    Anyway here is the code that I used (in my theme functions.php)

    function woocommerce_shop_order_search_fix( $search_fields ) {
        $index = array_search('_alg_wc_full_custom_order_number', $array);
        if($index !== false) {
        array_unshift($search_fields, '_alg_wc_custom_order_number');
        array_unshift($search_fields, '_alg_wc_full_custom_order_number');
        return $search_fields;
    add_filter( 'woocommerce_shop_order_search_fields', 'woocommerce_shop_order_search_fix' );

    Old orders will come up, at the bottom of search results – it searches for the specified number not only in custom order number, but also in customer phone, address, email etc.

    The fix described by @idolomisiewicz worked for us. Shame it didn’t come with the plugin, an integration of this function into future releases of the plugin would be appreciated.

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