• 1.) How do we change the label for a search field?<br>
    If I select About Me Or Biography I don’t want the place holder to be “Biography”<br>
    2.) Do we have to have new search boxes for each profile field we want to make avail.?<br>
    I looks like if I want The Name- Tagline/Bio- and About Me fields to be searched I need to end up with 3 search boxes on the directory page?<br>
    Now I did see an “Additional search filters” and field1=val1&field2=val2<br>
    I have no idea what that means but could that be how to have just 1 search box search for 3 things?<br>
    If so can you point me to what fields should be replaced with, as well as what val1 should be replaced with?<br>
    For now, I just created a text area in the profile that only can be seen by the user when editing. Labeled it Keywords and told them to load it up :-)<br>
    At least the search field is labeled as a keyword search.<br>
    Anyways… Is anyone able to help with this?

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  • 1) So change it when you’re editing the form for that role
    2) Yes
    3) Free text search is coming – check the roadmap on their homepage

    Thanks for trying to help. Hell, you probably answered the question perfectly…it’s just the plugin that’s useless 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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