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  • I have installed and am using AMR Users, which is a very useful bit of kit. However, I was a little disappointed not to be able to search my user lists in any way, shape or form. I have several custom fields (added with Cimy User Extra Fields) and I was hoping to be able to run searches to identify various sub-groups of users. Apparently this is not possible. I would still like to do this and wonder if any users could suggest a means – or another plug-in – which would make this possible?


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  • Update: I’ve now realised that even if AMR could be configured to run searches, this won’t help me in my particular situation. That’s because AMR gathers its information from the data in the usermeta table, whereas CIMY creates its own table in which custom fields information is stored. So AMR doesn’t look in the ‘right’ place to find this data. Pity. Surely there must be some plug-in, somewhere, that performs this task…

    Did you solve this?

    Not directly, no. I was hoping to be able to use this: which looks promising, but I cannot get it to install on my site. The developer is apparently looking into this with a view to fixing it. I particularly wanted to be able to search my custom profile fields, but have not yet found a way of doing this. Have you?

    What I’m looking for is search in custom fields from the front-end, I mean, that a visitor can search for a member by any custom field.

    Yes, but it doesn’t work with s2member custom fields.

    I guess it (S2) uses a seperate table to store its custom fields? If it doesn’t use wp_usermeta, then it won’t work with members-list. Bit out of ideas, I’m afraid. Really, WordPress is crying out for a useful, flexible, user-friendly membership search tool for both front and back-end. If I was more of a developer, I’d take it on myself and I’m surprised no-one else has – for example, introducing ‘search’ to AMR Users would dramtically increase its usage and popularity (HINT 🙂

    I wish you luck with your search, sorry I couldn’t help more. (If you ever find something, please post back!)

    Plugin Author anmari


    Major update 3.0 going up now with search.

    S2 and other non usermeta data available later.

    Wow! Thanks – sounds great – I’ll try it.

    Thanks very much for the update!!!

    Just a question, I’ve noticed that you can search for words inside one column only, if you try to search words that appear in two columns it founds nothing.


    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi search currently fairly simple – searches the whole row for the ‘string’. Does not do “and / or” searching of parts of string at moment.

    maybe later.

    I meant to say for 2 words in the same row but in different columns, like search for “UK dealer”.

    Plugin Author anmari


    Yes – I understand, but afraid that’s the way it is for now.

    Just takes the whole string and searches that rather than exploding into parts… have to wait till I can get back to it.

    Really what I’m looking for is
    doing this.

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