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  • OK – Testing out the free plug-in, to ultimately decide if I want the PRO version and getting the following:

    1) When I select “OCT” under “serach In” I assume it will search for events in October. however it comes up with the text “2013-10” and finds nothing.
    I have also put in the title text of my event in October and it does get found.
    If I go to Oct, the event is sitting in the calendar.

    2) If am on the event page (I think this is called the “stand alone events page”) and I click on the button “All Events” I assume I will get taken to a list page of all events. I actually get taken to my Blog page??!!

    3) In “settings” I have set Calendar view to both Month and List – but it only ever displays Month. (I have enabled both views).
    >> If I enable “List” while the http:// says “/events/” it’s actually my blog page showing . . .

    4) If I select “List View” when on the calendar page, it takes me to my Blog page while the http:// says “/events/upcoming” (though it’s actually my blog page showing . . .)

    5) If am on the event page (I think this is called the “stand alone events page”) I have chosen a “featured image” and this comes up with the event text underneath it. On imaging on your site with “what this plugin can do” the text is next to featured images.
    ? IS this a feature of PRO in that you can manipulate images & text better?

    6) In Event Calendar, “edit event” text area has just code up the top – as basic like the “ol” and “ul” buttons > this is making it difficult to put in the text of the event as I can’t edit it the same way as per “Page” text and I don’t know coding . . . Is this a “Free feature” and the better editor comes with PRO?

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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hi there Gemini20. Thanks for the note, and for giving our plugin a shot. Happy to help you out here best I can, though I’ll caution that in the future we’d be able to get you more timely responses if you’d be able to post your separate issues in their own threads. No worries for this batch, though.

    To address this list:

    1. The behavior you’re describing – how you think it should work – is indeed how its intended. Is the search term you’re entering including one of the words from the event’s title? If so, mind sharing a link so I can check this out in action?
    2. The “All Events” link is indeed meant to take you back to the main calendar page. That said, we had a bug related to this which we’ve patched in both the recently released 3.0.2, and are stabilizing in the impending 3.0.3 release. Can you confirm whether or not it still persists even after upgrading to 3.0.2?
    3. This could be fixed by flushing (resaving) your permalinks. Let me know if not, though.
    4. Ditto #3.
    5. Good question. Are you possibly referencing the frontend “photo view” that we have demo’d on our site, which is indeed a PRO-exclusive feature? Or are you suggesting another bit of copy? If you can point me to it, I’ll clarify for sure.
    6. You should be able to toggle back and forth between HTML/Visual modes on the event admin, just as you would on a page or post. This is consistent across both the core + PRO releases.

    It sounds like something may well be up on your site. Let me know about those items and we’ll take it from there. Thanks for your patience and support in the interim.

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