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  • Hi there!

    I’m having trouble fixing this issue..

    Issue is: when my website pops up on a search engine, the “snippet”/brief paragraph has old info (about 2 months old) that I don’t want up.

    This info was on my home page at one point (2+ months ago), but is no longer on my website. So why is it still there?

    What can I do to update this snippet?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Just download yoast plugin, open your site pages and try editing it with the WordPress editor, scrolling down you will see your site’s meta description, add whatever you want to be displayed in search engines there.

    Also be aware that just because you change it in your site, it doesn’t meen that it will change straight away in the search engines index. You need to wait until they decide to update that information, and there’s nothing that you can do to speed that process up.

    You can just resubmit your sitemap in Google search console, and resubmit the url of the page you just changed its meta description so you get quicker indexing of the page

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    Thank you @xdlwilliamz I just downloaded Yoast & set it up.

    It’s looking wonky still.

    How long does it normally take for the search engine to update? @catacaustic

    And @xdlwilliamz I’ve never heard of site maps, but I will look into it!

    It depends on your site, and what Google thinks of it. It can be a minute or two, or it could be months. No one apart from Google could answer that for you, and I know that Google won’t. 🙂

    If your site is indexed properly and Google bots visit it regularly I’d guess normally between a day and a week, but there’s never any guarantee (see above).

    if you set up the meta description of your page via yoast plugin, then you did do nothing, just wait for Google to index your site again, like @catacaustic mentioned, there’s no definite duration of time it takes to reflect in search engines, you just gotta exercise little patience

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    Thanks guys for your help @xdlwilliamz @catacaustic

    I shall wait.

    But now, I’m experiencing a new problem. I set up the google search console and now my website can’t be found!

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    (got it back up!) will look more into this google PIMA later

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