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    I’m using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast on my website. My website has two main sections:

    – The first is a blog section where I post articles (pages) related to ‘keyword gems’. I want these pages to rank well on the search engines to pull people in so I follow the instructions on the page analysis tab and make sure that everything is good (green). I’ve even disabled comments to retain my keyword density!

    – The second are conversion pages which are linked to from my blog pages. I haven’t been as careful with the on-page SEO analysis on these pages. These ones are yellow, orange and a few are red (WordPress SEO by Yoast indicator).

    Does Google penalize my blog pages for the conversion pages that I haven’t been carefully following SEO for?

    If I spent some time improving all of these conversion pages would my blog pages rank higher even though I won’t be getting search engine traffic from them directly?



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  • I think this is not the place to learn details about SEO, particularly because much of search engine behavior we have to guess at.

    I think you are correct to focus on SEO for main content and landing pages. I guess that improving other pages may indirectly help the site as a whole, because a better site may improve signals of a quality site which has authority on specific topics.

    In your case, if you’re selling citrus fruit, then your main pages would be about several fruit. Your conversion pages would be about specific fruit, and giving better SEO signals in the conversion pages may trigger more quality signals being propagated up to the more general pages on the site. Even though the conversion page is aimed at someone who is already interested enough in tangerines to have clicked on the link for details, having better SEO signals in the tangerines page will strengthen the site’s overall authority for tangerines (and for search engines which understand the relationship between tangerine and citrus, also the citrus relevance).

    Thanks, I realized that maybe I should have posted this in a more general area, but thanks again for the advice.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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