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  • Resolved Vakantie Ameland


    Using this plugin:

    Indexed the site, got confirmation that the whole site was indexed (In 100 tries).

    But one problem. No search results show up. Can search what I want, but not any keyword does give any result..

    Am I missing something about some separate searchform I have to use? The indexed keywords are stored in the DB. But no links in the DB. How are the keywords linked to the url they came from?

    And were would the XML sitemap, which should be generated as I understand, be stored? Can not download it from the admin section, only a php script gets downloaded:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    	jQuery("#ssh").click(function () {
    	jQuery("#ftp, #ftps").click(function () {
    	jQuery('form input[value=""]:first').focus();
    <form action="/wp-content/plugins/search-engine/xml-sitemap.php?site_id=x&token=xxxx" method="post">
    <div class="wrap">

    Try for yourself:

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  • Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    I’ll be going through my plugins and updating them with bug fixes / features over the next couple of weeks. I’ll add this to the list. Will update this thread when it’s fixed for you.

    Hi Scott(s):

    Running into the same problem — no search results in either regular or Pods content. For me, it seems to be related to my dev environment, which is MAMP for Mac OS X. When I try to index, it runs very quickly, and clicking the Show Detailed Progress button, it shows the error.

    It appears that Search Engine is not respecting a port designation in the URL, and since MAMP uses port 8888, SE is reporting a 404 error.

    Any suggestions, short term? I might be able to solve this by purchasing MAMP Pro, which *I think* allows me to customize the port (or even use the default of 80). Or possibly tweak my hosts file, but that is a bit beyond my knowledge level at this point.




    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    Currently, there is no option in the Search Engine plugin to index on a different port than standard http or https, so it’s likely that’s the cause of your issue.

    I am also having the problem mentioned in the first post and I am using all of the default ports.

    The site I am working on was indexed just fine using the backend utility (I had to enter login credentials due to .htaccess setup for dev purposes), but when I search I get no results. We are using WP v3.0.4. Like the original poster, I went to see if the XML sitemap might shed some light on the issue- all I got there was the php code that generates the map itself.

    Is this actually a bug or am I just doing something wrong?

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    I am aware that there may be an issue on certain hosts which causes an issue either in spidering or indexing and I’m working towards a resolution.

    I’m having the same problem here Scott. The plugin works on one site but not the other and they are both on separate servers.

    I need this working by Monday so if you can point me to the right code line I’ll try to fix the problem.

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    js2212 – Contact me at to discuss

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    Looks like the latest version on my testing environments fixes the issues you guys have been having. I’m trying to finish up the new Object Monitoring feature but I may end up pushing that feature to the next release instead. Look for an update this weekend.

    Hi Scott!

    Sadly, I’m having the same issue as everyone else. The site is indexing beautifully, however no results are returned, even with a simple query.

    I am able to successfully index the site, I even confirmed it by checking the keywords tables.

    So far, yours is the best site search for WordPress that I have been able to find (and that works). I really hope you are able to get the results to work soon.

    Thanks for all the hard work in creating this!

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    Check out the latest version of Search Engine due out later tonight. If you continue to have issues, please start a new topic and explain your issue there.

    As a note for those who are in development mode — you have to have the site set to be searchable by Google (i.e., public) for this plugin to work. I didn’t & it wouldn’t index (total amateur move). Haven’t tried the advanced SE option of ignoring robots.txt settings, which might have gotten around my particular issue.

    Cheers – H

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