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  • Hello.

    recently I typed my name in google, and it comes up with some of my old content from my old wordpress site. I can actually see some PDFs, and images
    and information. is there a way to remove this from the internet? is it within wordpress or google has sucked me in their engine?

    Ive noticed there is a small drop down arrow, next to my PDF files, and it says cached.

    Thank you.

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  • jack randall


    google indexes what it finds as it finds it. once something is out there, unless you go directly to/through google to get it removed, it’s out there forever.

    in time, however, those results will slip further and further down in the search pages as you add in new content and even re-add the old stuff (with new content around it so you don’t get penalised for duplicated content in google’s search algorithm).

    Hello Jack, thank you for the reply. Even though this content says its stored on wordpress, can google still remove it from google search? Or because its wordpress and it was content from my preexisting site I have to install webmaster tools and remove it myself?

    These are the the two document PDFs found Id like to remove.

    jack randall


    google has indexed the content and it’s location. if the location changes then google’s index doesn’t. i’m sure you’ve clicked a link to view something only to have an error 404 page come up saying content not found, that’s what will happen if you’ve moved or removed the .pdf files and someone clicks on them.

    as for removing them from google, you could ask them 😀 it’s probably better to just wait until they slip further down the rankings. add more new content to whatever site you’re running now with keywords like your name and that’s what will come up first as google loves fresh meat!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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