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  • I recently combined two blogs into one by exporting and importing the posts from one blog into the other. Now, when I search for posts that were imported, they fail to show up in the results. This happens when I search for words in the title or the body.

    To reproduce this bug:

    1. Go to the blog at
    2. Click “Archive” across the top to get the search box.
    3. Search for “english” and observe that this post, English Standard Version, doesn’t appear in the search results.
    4. Search for “ministry” and observe that this post, Is Paid Ministry Unbiblical?, doesn’t appear in the search results.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    I have the same problem. All the old posts are there, but I can only search through posts i’ve made since i switched to wordpress.

    There may be some cross messing with the post ids. It’s next to impossible to successfully munge two wordpress (for instance) blogs, because you’ll have the same post ids even though the post slugs etc. are different. Which probably will screw up a number of things, not just searching.

    No, that can’t be the case here. The posts were exported to and imported from the WordPress-native WXR format, which is an XML file that doesn’t even contain any of the original post IDs. When the posts are imported, they get unique post IDs on the new blog as if they were simply new (backdated) posts.

    I’m sure this problem has more to do with search index caching. For instance, new posts that are posted the normal way get cached to the search index, but new posts that are added via an import from a WXR file are not cached to the search index. I can see how search indexing could be very easy to overlook when designing and implementing an import process as complicated as WordPress’s must be.

    If there were simply a way to clear the search index cache and force the whole blog to re-index itself, that would probably solve the problem.

    I also need to find out how to re-index site for search. Since upgrading to 2.1 only new posts are coming up in search for me.

    I installed the SEM Search Reloaded plugin, and it apparently reindexed the site.

    good find! with this plugin active, the search works like it should. thanks!

    Hooray! This fixed all of my problems as well. 😀

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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