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search does NOT work

  • Hi everybody

    I’m runing the latest wp version at my site (www.nefsta-photography.com) and yesterday I solved the error 403 case by adding the following lines at my .htaccess file at the /admin subdirectory as well as the root directory

    SecFilterInheritance Off
    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

    Everything works fine except the search function which does NOT work. No matter what word I use to search, I get no results. I use two relevant plugins which (theoritically speaking) should give me better search results (Auto Meta & Another WordPress Meta Plugin) but NO RESULTS

    Can anybody tell me if the above three lines at the .htaccess cause this problem or should I look for something else?

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  • When I say “does not work” I don’t mean I get error messages. I mean I get no search results at all when there should be at least one for certain search keywords

    Try the words:


    Search does not work neither in English nor in Greek. No matter what search keywords I use, the result is the same. ZERO 🙁

    Now I’m getting somewhere. The search function DOES work but ONLY if I disable the event callendar. But hte problem is I want it (the callewndar). Any ideas how to solve my problem?

    UPDATE: I changed the callendar plugin from Event Callendar 3.1 to Callendar 2 and it works PERFECT. Any ideas on what was wrong with the other plugin? This plugin is OK but the other one was giving me the option to write an event as a page or a blog topic and then add it to the callendar as an event

    For your K2 options, did you have rolling archives enabled?



    Were you using the sem-search-reloaded plug-in?



    The “serach” has never worked on my installations. I get no search results at all when there should be at least one for certain search keywords. No one here seemed to have answered the question 🙁

    Is there something we need to do to “turn it on” after the installation?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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