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  • Hi I’m new to the wp. I created my first blog website in last week and index it to the google search console. Now it’s show me index error “Unnamed Item Missing Field Item Reviewed” about one of my post page. Search console request remove html part in my website to fix this error. Where in the wp dashboard I should edit this part. Is it on the C pannel or Wp Dashboard. Can you guys helps me.

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  • Beda


    This error relates to Structured Data (Schema), which could be added to your site by the theme, a plugin, or even custom code – however not by WordPress itself.

    Now, there should be more pointers to the error, probably a portion of code, that should show what item it refers to, along with an URL or similar to the post or page it affects.

    You would then have to figure out what is adding Schema Structures to your site (again, this could be the Theme, a plugin, or custom code), and depending on that, either contact the Theme support or Plugin support for an update of the Schema Structure, or eventually find (if existing) backend settings for the schema structure and complete the missing data (ItemReviewed) for the particular post or page.

    Do you use any SEO plugin for example? Then most likely, the error replies within that plugin.

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