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  • Could it be there is something wrong with the rich snippet markup for blog post authors?

    I have several websites with a blog where Google Search Console reports a 404 error on url’s like this:

    The page I linked to is the only post on that website by this author. I cant find the exact url in the page source though. No clue where search console get’s that url from.

    Any ideas?


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi,

    It looks like Google is scanning your pages, seeing some schema markup, crawling it, and then outputting it as a 404 since nothing is on it. Though, the schema mark up on pages like do not show that exact url.

    They show: Google might then be inserting the name into it.

    In this manner, we suggest contacting Google for more information as Yoast is outputting the schema correctly. You may contact Google by making a post on their forums:!forum/webmasters.


    Where does this come from with the guid?

    Should that not be the autor url, which is


    Added to the Google forum here
    No answer yet.


    You identified several issues. We have responded to them below.

    A. Where does this come from with the guid?

    This comes from the SEO-Search Appearance-Knowledge Graph section. What is shown is expected behavior from selecting Person. Google is expected to read that schema.

    B. Should that not be the autor url, which is

    No, Yoast does not output that URL for use with Google on that page. Instead, Google is expected to read the Person schema as described in A above and see that it is connected with the name Bianca Roemaat. See image:

    C. Added to the Google forum here
    We are not sure why Google is crawling that schema Yoast is outputting and making it a 404. We can only say to continue to contact and wait for Google to offer a reply as Yoast is working correctly on the page.

    Thanks but I still have problems to fully understand this guid thing.

    How is this expected behaviour? If I look at it doesn’t specify the @id that Yoast adds with the url with guid.

    I know from your blog that you use the @id to connect the different pieces together and that’s fine. What I don’t get is that for the person, you populate it with a url+guid that doesn’t exist on the entire website, while you use an actual existing url for all the other id’s in the markup.

    This is your schema implementation that you created with input from Google engineers and it results in 404’s. It’s more logical that you ask the Google engineers why they crawl this and throw a 404 on something that your software generates. It doesn’t make sense you want me to contact and wait for Google. You are the developers, not me. I am just an end user.


    While we can see on that Yoast is showing the @id for the schema (see image here) we understand you want it show something else.

    We will create a feature request to consider using some other URL like the author one. We suggest signing up for our newsletter as that is where we will announce product changes and updates. You can sign-up for it here

    In the meantime, as Google is crawling the URL we can only say to contact Google for more information as to why they are crawling the URL (we do not control what URLs Google crawls). You may contact Google by making a post on their forums:!forum/webmasters.

    It’s not that I want the @id for the person to show something else. I only suspect that to be the cause of this issue.

    I already contacted Google in their forum as you suggested before:

    Google doesn’t reply.

    I know you don’t control Google, but you guys said yourself that you and Google have worked together to improve the markup you are adding. That’s why it only makes sense to me when you also try to contact them.

    Chipping in here.

    There are a few moving parts here, so allow me to take a step back, if I may.

    – The /person/ URL structure is syntax which we used to define the ID of author nodes in a previous version of Yoast SEO. That’s now changed to the new approach (/#/schema/ etc).

    – The new ID structure we use on authors is more sophisticated than in other places (where we often just use a URL, or a derivative of the URL), and we’ll be gradually upgrading the rest of our schema to use this approach. Whilst it’s ‘conventional’ to use URLs as IDs, our approach is more robust, semantically correct, and interoperable. There’s no fault/error with it.

    – Google crawl anything they find in a page’s source code, aggressively, including things which may not be valid links. They prefer to crawl first, assess the response, then determine what’s valuable/real or otherwise. It’s normal to see search console fill up with error reports for things which aren’t errors/URLs. Sometimes they’ll actively probe and explore dead ends intentionally to find new URLs, and sometimes they’ll re-check old URLs which no longer exist. This is indeed frustrating, and their reporting on this in Google Search Console is poorly worded/managed – but Google have behaved like this forever and will likely continue to do so.

    – As I investigate, it looks like we don’t actually output a URL property on the author/person node, and we definitely should reference their profile/posts page. I’ll get that added to our roadmap now.

    Hope this helps clear things up!

    OK, thanks for explaining Jono.


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