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[Resolved] search by tags keyword

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  • There are two tag widgets: Photo Tag Cloud and Photo Tags Filter. Try them.

    yes sir, I tried them. They are very useful but I have many tags, they all are showing on website which looks ugly.

    Can I show photo tag cloud on page content, not as a widget.

    You can display it in php:

    echo '<div class="wppa-tagcloud" >'.wppa_get_tagcloud_html().'</div>';

    thank u

    I write this code in footer and it is working well. But I also want to make a separate page to show all tags. Please guide me to do the same.

    When you make a page, you can select a template for the page ( in the right hand sidebar of the admin page where you edit the page ).

    The templates are theme specific and you can find them as .php files in your theme directory.

    Example from twentyten:

    onecolumn-page.php. It starts with:

     * Template Name: One column, no sidebar
     * A custom page template without sidebar.
     * The "Template Name:" bit above allows this to be selectable
     * from a dropdown menu on the edit page screen.

    Mark the * Template Name: One column, no sidebar line!!

    Make a copy of a template you want to use for the page with the tag cloud, give it a different name and give it a different Template Name:

    In this template, place the php code for the tagcloud. Then, create a page ( with no content ) and select your new template for it.

    All set.

    sir, I am using portfolio press theme, while editing a page or creating new page, it does not show any option to choose template for page. please kindly tell me what to do.

    Ask the theme developer.

    Hello, i have a site with a lot of pictures and i have went in and added tags to each one, but none of the tags can be found by doing a search. I know you said the tag cloud and the tag filter, but that is very unprofessional looking. Is there any way to be able to have the pictures found by their tags through the search function?

    Also, i have tried about 15 different search plugins trying to make this work as well and none worked. Please help!

    I will ad an option in a later version ( add to the wishlist ) that will enable that searching also searches the tags. Thanx for the suggestion. Closed for now, follow the changelog to see when it is implemented: http://wppa.opajaap.nl/changelog/

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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