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    Hi Merv,

    Thanks again for the work you’re putting into the plugin, I’ve been using it for a while now and I’m pleased to see it’s still going strong.

    There is an issue I’ve noticed for a while now, I thought about posting it to GitHub but thought maybe I’d raise it here first. I’m not entirely clear whether it’s an issue with just my setup, however I have looked at your demo site and it appears to be the same. The question is, does the ‘Search by Address’ (widget/shortcode) have the ability to geocode the input and return relevant search results from a certain radius. For example:


    If you type in ‘Perth’ in ‘Search by Address’ you only get one result. This is despite the fact that many of the listed properties have ‘Perth’ defined in their address. I can see that the search is picking only from the post-title field. Which is why:


    …is the only returned result. I can see the plugin is already utilising geocoding via the maps used on the property single templates and on the wp-admin property edit screen. Is there any plan to extend the property search so that it incorporates these fields? An example would be if I searched here in the UK for the postcode YO12, if i search this I’d hope to see properties from a certain radius, maybe even properties from YO13. Currently it only seems to return those that have listed this postcode in the title and only very specifically, this means I more often than not see that no listings are available when that isn’t quite correct.

    If this is something you could add to the premium plugin or as a paid extension – as I understand the work involved – I’d be more than happy to purchase it as I do think your plugin is the best in it’s area.

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    What we normally do is import the full listing address into the title area so that the search operates for all the listings.

    In our example as we edited listings is only add Perth to one of the entries. Search for WA produces several results.

    Are you able to import the full address details into the tite?

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    Hi Merv,

    I understand, the client tends to miss off the postcode (UK) from the post title but I was aware of this prior to raising the question – they themselves haven’t raised this with me it’s just something I noticed and thought I’d enquire about. While I do think that they could go through and add the postcodes (like “YO12 1AB”, “YO13 1BC” etc.) to the titles, this may not resolve the query, but it does perhaps confirm that the search is string based only.

    I suppose my question would be perhaps be regarding future functionality or extensions – those more related to radius searches. For example if you are looking for a property on the boundary of YO12 and YO13, there’s a very clear cutoff, searching YO12 would remove potentially nearby properties in YO13. If you check a property search engine like RightMove they geocode and return results based on a radius (sometimes a select field radius chosen by the user), meaning you wouldn’t have a sharp cutoff between postcode boundaries.

    I understand this may require a rewrite or a lot of work so I’m not really expecting anything of you! I wanted to enquire as to whether this may be something you would consider implementing in the future. Again I’d be happy if you released this as premium extension, it would definitely be something I’d purchase for existing and future clients.

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