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    Hi all,

    I have been trying to contact someone about a bug in your forum, but Moderator deletes my message saying no action needed.

    I can’t find an email address to contact you, and I tried FaceBook, but no response.
    shows the problem.

    Search replaces double quotes with single, see the message from the developer of this product below:

    Cheers Don…


    It seems to be very strange. actually, it is not in our control. When we search “listings”, the following is put into google


    And there is no result. But strangely, if we replace the double quotes with single quotes, it’s working.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Moderator Steve Stern


    Support Team Volunteer

    If you’d like to engage the devs on this, post a bug report at



    Thanks very much Steve,

    I have submitted a ticket on this as per your suggestion.

    Cheers Don…



    well, I tried that and they closed the ticket saying it is correct, but if the search doesn’t work, why close it?

    I got 7 messages basically saying nothing is wrong.

    Am I dealing with gurus that can’t see past the end of their noses?

    I wrote my first code in 1975, and most of my get up and go has got up and went, but this is crazy stupid.

    I can’t get it fixed, I can’t contact anyone direct and tell them they have a problem?

    Cheers Don…



    well, I tried again, and they closed my new ticket straight away saying it was a duplicate.

    OK, I give up. They don’t want to know about bugs in their own system.

    Tried support tickets, both closed, no problems they say. second one was closed in 3 minutes. No one had time to read that.

    No contact email, no one on one support. Moderator, surely you know someone in the system, and can get through to someone?

    Customers will just have to “get over it”

    Cheers Don…

    My last message to them:

    my previous message in #4780

    I opened a ticket, and it now appears to be closed. Ticket #4777
    I got 7 messages that appear to say nothing is wrong.

    Let me try and explain this another way.

    Type in any search term.
    It doesn’t work.
    All other forums appear to work.
    As a customer of your products, I do want the search to work on the forum I am trying to search.

    Is there someone there I can actually talk to one on one?
    Do you have an email address?

    Cheers Don…

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    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator

    You can continue the discussion at

    As you can see, they both identified the bug you reported and fixed it based on your report.

    You’re speaking to the developers there, they have control over the system, and we don’t.

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