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  • Hi there,

    I have created a VERY basic theme for a friend, (I’m very new to WordPress and this is part of a school project).

    I am trying to find a search plugin to put on the homepage that will search the site and maybe another one.

    I have tried ‘google ajax search’ but it doesn’t work for the local site and it says that its only compatible up to 2.2 anyway, is there a way around this?

    Or can anybody recommend a plugin to me that includes the fuctionality I need?


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  • Thank you,

    I had tried this but, being a new guy, once I had it installed… what then?

    how do I put it on my homepage?

    I do not use a sidebar or widgets you see,

    not actually sure if that matters though


    I agree with your frustration! The Google Ajax Search shows the typical “don’t say anything worthwhile” type of documentation. For example, if you follow the skimpy directions literally, the search results show on the same page as the search box.

    Notice this instruction: “5. Place the search box where you want by placing <?php gajaxsearch(); ?> into your theme (most likely your sidebar) or simplify your life and use widget sidebars.”

    Now a modern developer would give a fuller explanation than that.
    Examples of further information:
    1) Where do the search results show?
    2) Does the person installing the plugin need to create a page for the results?

    Notice the arrogant brushoff on the Q&A:
    Q. It doesn’t work
    A. Read the installation guide. (This assumes that the user hasn’t tried to make some sense out of the installation instructions.)

    Q. It *still* doesn’t work
    A. Open up a thread in the support forums tagged ‘googleajaxsearch’ and ‘dancameron’.
    (Which support forums would that be? WordPress support forums, or does the plugin writer have a support forum?)

    This will make a lovely example to show new programmers how not to document their code!


    I’m sorry you’re having difficulty, maybe if you explained your issues someone could help.

    Ranting and disparaging me isn’t going to get you anywhere, it actually wants me to stop releasing *FREE* plugins ( for the community raz me about how I don’t have time to support their setups ).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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