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  • Hi,

    I originally posted this over in ‘Your WordPress’ but it’s really turned into more over a troubleshooting issue. Apologies for the repost. Anyway, here’s the deal…

    I’ve modified the Spirit theme to suit the needs of my site at:

    but I’m now getting a weird problem when I click in the search box.

    When I click in the search box in FireFox on a Mac, a rectangle of the background blots out the upper left corner of the layout (hard to describe, but obvious if it happens). See here for a screenshot:

    But this doesn’t seem happen in IE or Safari on the Mac, nor does it seem to happen in FireFox or IE on Windows (according to others — I don’t have a Windows machine to try out).

    With regard to the cause of this glitch, I’ve isolated the presence of the Google AdSense code in the right sidebar as the culprit, but I can’t figure out how/why it’s happening or what to do to fix it. The page validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

    Perhaps the most efficient thing would be to ignore the problem since it’s isolated to FF on Macs, which is a relatively small portion of the world. However, *I* use FireFox on a Mac, and it’s driving me nuts!

    Please help!



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