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  • The way QMT deals with urls appears to be problematic from a search-bot perspective, especially when there are many taxonomies. With 5 url parameters, your average search bot has an essentially infinite tree of “pages” to traverse. This results in a lot of wasted server resources. I’ve tried to mitigate with robots.txt and IP blocking, but am still finding that bot-traffic maxes out MySQL query limits on my shared host. Needless to say, WordPress complains when you hit a query limit, by unceremoniously redirecting to the install page. Can anyone suggest possible solutions?

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    I’m going to try changing the links in the template to be javascript driven rather than direct. Hopefully the bots will now be less prone to wander. Here’s the change I’m making, more specifically. Instead of this:
    <a href="{{url}}">
    I’m using this:
    <a style="cursor: pointer;" onclick="window.location='{{url}}'; return false;">
    I’m going to monitor the results and will post again when I know more.

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